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MONDAY (June 25):
8:30a Daily Mass
6:00p Legión de María Ntra. Sra. De Perpetuo Socorro
7:00p Clase Bíblica – Capilla (Iglesia)
7:00p El Camino de Fe - St. Joseph Room

TUESDAY (June 26):
8:30a Daily Mass
6:30p English Prayer Group – Room A
6:30p Adult Choir Practice – English (Church)
7:00p Welcoming Meeting – Conf 1

WEDNESDAY (June 27):
8:30a Daily Mass
10:00a Mass at Woodbridge
7:00p Pastoral council – St Joseph

THURSDAY (June 28)
5:00p Spanish Adult Choir Practice – Church
5:30p Legión de María Ntra. Sra. De La Merced

FRIDAY (June 29):
8:30a Daily Mass
8:00p Unidos en Cristo – St. Francis Room

SATURDAY (June 30):
10:00a Gym Rent Event
10:30a Confession
3:30p Quince - Patricia Jocelyn Magdaleno
5:30p Mass & Baptism
6:30p Circulo de Oración

SUNDAY (July 01):

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