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St. Sylvester

4th annual Golf & Lunch


This year we are focusing our spirits and hearts on a more prominent epidemic that has plagued our community in recent years, an issue larger than us all that we all must come together to assist on.  This year our focus is combating hunger in our community by raising funds for our St. Sylvester Food Pantry.


Due to an astonishing TEN local area food pantries closing in the last two years alone and government cutbacks, The St. Sylvester Food Pantry has seen an influx of new clients each week.  The St. Sylvester Food Pantry is open to serve the community 52- weeks a year and has NEVER CLOSED. During the polar vortex this year when temperatures reached below 32 degrees, our food pantry staff was here serving the community. In 2018 alone, our pantry served 7,729 people in one year,  645 per month, an average of six people per household, and an average of 4 children per family. To close our doors for one day is to leave a family without food for a week. Children are going to bed hungry, and the elderly are forced to fend for themselves.


Our volunteers are here three days a week, receiving the food shipment, arranging the distribution of the food and, administering the food to the families.  Families receive a total of four bags per home, two bags of canned goods (when stock allows, One bag of meat products, one bag vegetables). We also provide other items to families when we receive donations, such as;  clothing items like coats, gloves, baby food, and pampers. Government information both Federal and City services available on jobs, training, health services to provide families with more resources.


We are asking that the community comes together and helps us raise funds that would 100% go to our food pantry.  St. Sylvester's 4th Annual Golf Outing on Saturday, August 3, 2019, at the Chevy Chase Country Club. This Golf Outing and Lunch is not only for golfers this is for everyone! Our staff, community leaders, surrounding parish members, and our hard-working food pantry staff and volunteers will join us to help raise money for the outing.  We are hoping that you would find it in your heart to support our outing through purchasing tickets or sponsoring a hole. Our community can not survive on the shoulders of one person!

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