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Online Giving/Contribuciones Electrónicas








In our baptism, we acknowledge that we are each called and gifted by God. We are asked to bring and share our gifts to our faith community and to the world. But the world is changing, and sometimes when we are asked to share our treasure, we no longer carry checks or cash. We are not alone. Less than 4% of those under age 30 write checks. Less than 12% of those under the age of 50 write checks.  40% of our population over 65 prefers to pay electronically; ELECTRONIC GIVING is a tool to make it easier for you to give. We currently have Parish Pay as an option for electronic giving and we now are adding “GiveCentral” as an additional option for electronic giving. You can go online to GiveCentral or through our parish website or you can fill out a pledge card and we will enter your information for you. Pledge cards are available at the parish office. Give-Central is safe and secure, but most importantly it is a response to parishioners request to make it easier to give.


GiveCentral has some more flexibility than Parish Pay does so we will offer both options to our parishioners. GiveCentral allows you to make automatically repeating payments on a schedule that you choose on any day you choose, or onetime payments using any credit card, debit card or electronic bank account. GiveCentral also has a mobile app that you can download to your phone or tablet that allows you to make immediate changes or donations. We believe that having a flexible online giving option will make it easier for many of you to support St. Sylvester.


Please visit and take a couple minutes to set up your donations and as

always thank you for your generosity and support!


1. Go to

2. Click on the “Gift Box” you want to donate or click on “View More” for more options

3. Make a Contribution: Enter amount, the first payment date and the frequency (how many times do you want

to contribute this amount)

4. Click on the button “Add to My Gift Basket”

5. If you are finished, click on the “Checkout” button

6. View your contribution and click on “Continue”

7. Sign up by clicking on the “Complete Profile” button

8. Enter the appropriate information: Name, address, phone, email, payment

9. Click button “Register and Confirm gift”

10.Questions? Call Emily or Noemi at the parish office at 773-235-3646.

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