Thank you for coming to worship with us. Those who are coming for first time after pandemic welcome back home. Those who are visiting welcome to our church community. Let me take this time to give some important explanations of how we worship together during this pandemic. Everything we are doing is for your safety and protection.

You have to register for mass every week before Friday at 4pm.

Our offices are closed Saturday and Sunday.

Please wear mask at all time while in the church. The mask should cover your mouth and nose.

Please remain in your pew at all-time unless going washroom.

We encourage you not to use washroom as we only have one. However, if you have to use washroom please sanitize your hands well after using and leave the washroom clean for the next person. 

During sign of peace please node to people not in your pew. Please do not leave your pew or shake hands with anyone unless they are member of your family.

During communion the priest or the Eucharistic minister will come to you for communion. Please only extend one hand to receive communion. 

Your offering for the church is much appreciated. The preferred way is online at 

Which you can enroll online   Also when you get or leave the church you can give put your donation in boxes at entrance. 

At the end of the mass please wait for ushers to guide you on when is your turn to leave. Please keep 6 feet between you and next person. Please do not leave until you get a sign from ushers. 

We request you not to congregate at the back of the church or outside the church.


If you want a candle lit for a loved one please send a donation of five dollars in office Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 4pm.

We request you give us your email so we can send you church update and in case of emergency we get information to you as quick as possible.


Thank you for understanding.