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Are you a registered parishioner?


These are a few reasons that will explain why it is important to be a registered member at St. Sylvester Parish.


Two future grooms and an adult who was asked to be a baptism sponsor called the parish office. The grooms are getting married at another catholic church; the groom was asked to be a sponsor at his godchild’s parish. They each needed an affidavit stating that they are Catholic and a registered member of a parish faith community. Although all three stated that they attend Mass at our parish, and have for several years, none had been registered. If they had been registered parishioners, there would have been no questions or problems getting the necessary form. But they were not egistered; they were unknown to the parish staff. Another example if you are in the process of applying for citizenship.  

Many times they will request a letter from your parish. We would not be able to help you, if you are not a registered Member for at least six months and show that you have been using your envelopes.  Our Parish envelopes allow you to show your commitment to our church by attending mass and when possible making a donation to support our Church.


What Does It Mean To Register?


Registering in a parish is a declaration of your desire to be part of a Catholic community and to make a commitment to the life of the parish family. Clearly stating your Catholic commitment in all its dimensions brings many advantages, recognition and responsibility.


What Does It Mean Being Registered?


Being a registered parishioner makes the process much easier when it is time for infant baptism, school registration, weddings, when asked to be a baptismal or confirmation sponsor, and even funerals.

A registered parishioner also receive all parish mailing including Offertory envelopes.  Church law advises that territories or boundaries no longer limit parish registration.  We accept anyone who wants to share in the life of our parish regardless of where they live.

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