Please Join us for a Bilingual Thanksgiving mass

On Thursday 26th at 10am. 

Your                        is much appreciated

Mass Schedules:


Sunday  Mass

  9.30 AM Spanish

11:30 AM English

  1:00 PM Spanish

Please Note!

Due to Pandemic you need to sign up in advance online to attend mass. Use of mask is required while in Church.

Holy Sunday Mass - Sagrada Misa Nov 22


Renewal requires envisioning, planning, and new means to bring Jesus Christ to others. There are nearly 100 groupings of parishes and schools across the Archdiocese engaging in a process to address necessary questions of structure, how to work together across communities within each grouping, and to establish a strong foundation for vitality through focused evangelization and faith formation efforts. Supporting our parishes with the best structures enables us to breathe renewed life into our efforts to make disciples, build communities, and inspire witness.

Our parish, like all parishes of the Archdiocese of Chicago, is participating in an effort of renewal. Some may ask, “why now?” since we have just reopened there is still a great deal of concern for people’s well-being and we are focused on healing the racial injustice in our city and country. The most honest answer I can offer is that the opportunity for renewal is ever-present and is perhaps more important now than ever. Click the link below to learn more

St. Sylvester, is a Roman Catholic Parish of the Archdiocese of Chicago.Our dedicated volunteer catechists and support staff, of our formal bilingual Religious Education Program, we prepare students in grades 1 through 12 for the reception of sacraments, providing opportunities for liturgical celebrations and encouraging both students and parents to take an active part in our faith community. Click below

to learn more

We are now celebrating sacraments of confirmation and communion for our children in school and religious education. We are also planning celebration of our lady of Guadalupe. 

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